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Curated research library of TV news clips regarding the NSA, its oversight and privacy issues, 2009-2014

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Primary curation & research: Robin Chin, Internet Archive TV News Researcher; using Internet Archive TV News service.


Tim Clemente
Former FBI Special Agent, counterterrorism
CNNW 05/01/2013
Erin Burnett, CNN host:
Michael Hayden
Former Director of the NSA and Director of the CIA
CNNW 07/31/2013
Burnettt: Tool collects nearly everything a user does on the internet. And the article (The Guardian) explained “a top secret national security agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization, through vast databases containing e-mails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals according to the documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden. “ True? Hayden: Yeah, and it’s really good news and let me tell you why it is.
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